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Position Number£º 001 Title£º Sales representative
Description£º Sales Management Quatity£º 2
Place£º SIP,Suzhou Education Requirement£º junior college or ab
Language Requirement£º CET-4 Salary£º negotiable
Requirements£º 1. Junior college degree or above, with 2 years¡¯electronic-related industry sales experience
2. Above 2 years¡¯electronic units resale experience is plus. Competitive salary is provided once employed.
3. Above 3 years¡¯EMS factory sales/marketing/purchasing experience is plus
4. Excellent business English writing, standard mandarin, strong ambition for success, passionate and challengeable
5. Good communication and ability to develop customers
6. Fast response to customers¡¯requirements, good ability to solve problems, flexible to deal with order abnormity
7. confident to get high performance is priority
Responsibilities£º 1. Develop EMS and potential customers (industrial control, medical treatment, security, mobile electronics etc.) over the world, and extend the company scheme of supply chain
2. Deal with urgent product need from NPI to MP, small quantity supplying, arrange unit with BOM, resell storage, etc.
3. Promote company advantage brand and be agent for brand product line, assist customers to reduce costs (PPV), and provide long-term service
4. Follow up orders and track the payment of orders
5.Maintain good relation with customers
   [ recruitment£ºForeign Trade Sales ]
Position Number£º 002 Title£º Foreign Trade Sales
Description£º Channel network sale Quatity£º 5
Place£º SIP Suzhou or SoHo Education Requirement£º junior college or a
Language Requirement£º CET-4 Salary£º negotiable
Requirements£º 1¡¢junior college degree or above, business English, international trade or marketing major related.
2¡¢Strong market insight and analysis ability
3¡¢Excellent English reading, understanding and speaking
4¡¢Good communication and relationships
5¡¢At least 2 years foreign trade working experience. Those who have customer resource are priority candidates.
6¡¢Be familiar with company production processes and techniques
7¡¢Proficient in operating Alibaba platform and Global Resource Platform
Responsibilities£º Sales and after-sales working with semiconductor units and electronics
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